Here are a set of things I have done professionally:

  • Shipping features for an active SaaS, managing the initial design, implementation, and improvements, across the backend and the frontend.

  • Shipping said features without breaking existing features.

  • Setting up observability tooling in a mid-sized SaaS, and using that tooling to find many performance gains over the years.

  • Setting up incremental testing in CI, cutting the monthly CI bill to a third of what it was before, and making it possible to actually have continuous deployment thanks to "deploy commits" that only take a minute instead of 30.

  • Setting up typing (Typescript and Python/mypy) in large existing projects, making sure that the rest of the team can get onboarded.

  • Doing many library and language version upgrades of projects, all in ways that avoided downtime or bugs

  • Introduced property testing to help ship increase confidence in parallel implementations of certain behavior across multiple languages. Think high stakes calculation code.

  • Getting canonical SaaS KPI metrics calculation up and running, ship changes to the system to make collecting those easier, and build out reporting tooling and documentation

  • Sent in patches to Django to fix issues in the ORM or migration code that a project was hitting. Generally, I have worked on projects that have had fairly complex usage of Django features.

  • Held some tutorial sessions on using observability tools to debug user issues.

  • Wrote a bunch of learning material on Python (the Execute Program Python For Programmers course).

I am comfortable in many programming languages, though have the most experience shipping things in Python and Typescript.